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Five reasons to escape on a Spa Day package this winter

With the frenzied partying and overindulgence of the festive season, the dark nights and the plunging temperatures, spending our days huddled indoors and catching a cough and sniffle every five minutes… it’s safe to say winter can be a tough time.

This winter, why not escape to the forest on a spa day package for two? Take a step back from the real world and reset, recharge and reconnect together. Here are our top five reasons to treat yourself and a loved one to a spa day during the winter months.

Beat the winter blues

Winter is hard, but having something to look forward to can do wonders for our mental wellbeing. Escape the everyday and take some time out for you and a loved one at Aqua Sana spa, where you can explore up to 25 nature-inspired spa experiences and let your mind drift away with the bubbles. Our Elemis Face and Body Recharge Spa Day for 2 also includes a 55 minute Elemis Face and Body Recharge to leave you both feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to take on the world again.

Bring back your sparkle

The winter weather can take its toll on our skin, with the harsh winds, cold air and low humidity zapping moisture and leaving it dry and dull. The healing Aqua Sana spa experiences work together in powerful harmony, using heat, steam and ice to open your pores and cleanse your skin. Why not supercharge your spa experience with our Elemis Pro-Glow Facial Spa Day for 2? This package includes a 55-minute Elemis Pro-Glow Resurfacing Facial, so your skin will appear instantly brighter, smoother and renewed.

Heal your body with massage

Massage offers a multitude of health benefits, from increasing circulation, reducing pain and muscle soreness, boosting your immune system and much more – making it an ideal way to heal your body in the winter months. The VOYA Wellness Re-boot Spa Day for 2 includes the VOYA Wellness Re-boot treatment, with a full body exfoliation, a detoxifying ocean body wrap, and a soothing massage, topped off with a skin refreshing facial to soothe your body from top to toe.

Enjoy a one-day detox

Overindulged during the festive season? Kickstart your winter cleanse with a detoxifying spa day. Sweat it all out in the nature-inspired saunas and steam rooms and nourish your body with fresh flavours and nutritious dishes in Vitalé Café Bar. To top off your detoxifying experience, our Mind, Body & Sole Spa Day for 2 includes a 55-minute Mind, Body and Sole Experience treatment with a full body brush exfoliation and massage – so you’ll get back to feeling your best in no time.

Be together

Of course, a spa day offers a great opportunity to get away from distractions of everyday life and simply enjoy a much-needed catch up with a friend or family member. Our Finishing Touches Spa Day for 2 is the perfect way to enjoy some time together, as the two of you can soak up everything the spa has to offer before indulging in a 55-minute OPI ProSpa Signature Manicure with nail polish to leave you both looking and feeling your very best.


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