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Woburn Forest Aqua Sana

Access for Carers – Spa

If you require assistance to use the Experience Rooms within the Spa, your carer may enter at no additional cost. Induction hearing loop is available in this area, however background noise is normally subdued in the Spa.

Spa Day Car Parking

Car parking is available in the Hotel car park for Spa Day guests. The car park has accessible parking bays close to the entrance. Access is then via a lift to the Aqua Sana Reception.


An Accessible unisex toilet is located centrally at the entrance to the Spa and Vitale Café Bar.

Changing Facilities

Accessible changing facilities are available within Aqua Sana. These consist of adapted WC and shower facilities, basin and grooming area plus lockers. These can be accessed via the single sex changing facilities or via a separate corridor from Reception, meaning that assistance from a carer of the opposite sex is possible without additional assistance by Center Parcs staff.

An accessible changing place, fully equipped with adapted WC, shower/change bed and hoist on a track is also available nearby within the Plaza, located adjacent to Aqua Sana and within the same building, staff will show you the way should you require this facility.

Cycle Park

A cycle park is situated close to the main entrance of the Hotel, access is then via a lift to the Aqua Sana Reception.

Entrance & Reception

The main entrance to the Hotel and Aqua Sana has automatic double doors with a wide intervening lobby.

Access from the Hotel ground floor is via a small flight of steps or using the lift.

If you require any assistance, please request at the time of booking or upon your arrival.

If you wish to use the Spa a member of staff can be on hand to help to facilitate your use of the Experience Rooms, please note to inform the Reception Team on arrival to organise. Please note there are standard emergency alarm call buttons in all Experience Rooms not including the relaxation areas.

Please note that where areas are identified as accessible for wheelchairs with no other limitations stated, this assumes a standard width wheelchair as used in Building Regulations document M.

A limited number of Center Parcs wheelchairs will be available on free loan to facilitate access to Experience Rooms involving heat or steam, which would not normally be accessible to conventional wheelchairs due to potential for burns from exposed metal parts. These will be available on a first come first served basis.

Guest are very welcome to use their own wheelchairs. However certain Experience Rooms will involve wet / humid environments which may cause damage. We do not recommend the use of conventional wheelchairs in hot Experience Rooms, due to the potential for burns.

General Information

A guest lift within the Spa provides access between levels.

Throughout this document the term ‘Experience Room’ is used collectively to describe each enclosed facility such as sauna, steam room, specialist shower, relaxation area etc.

Lighting is subdued throughout the Spa area. Some of the Experience Rooms contain subdued or no light.

Spa Attendants are present in the Spa area and will provide assistance on request. However they are unable to assist with manual transfer, person handling duties and personal care.

Experience Rooms

Some Experience Rooms will be unsuitable for guests with certain medical conditions, particularly those conditions adversely affected by heat or steam. Please consult your doctor prior to booking the Spa

The door width to all Experience Rooms is 835mm. Where provided, the dimensions of the space provided to accommodate a wheelchair within Experience Rooms is no smaller than 900mm width x 1350mm depth.

As far as possible reasonable access into Experience Rooms is provided for guests in wheelchairs. However the available space in a few Experience Rooms may limit wheelchair access.

The ability to transfer from the wheelchair to seating at an appropriate height may be necessary in some instances as may the ability to use the loaned wheelchair.

Reflexology Footbaths

The Reflexology Footbaths require the ability to lift legs over a plinth of 432mm (455mm with sitting pillow) to use. There are two footbaths that have transfer space.

The Fire & Ice Spa

Stone Sauna (Steam Sauna with 60-65°C and humidity 55%) – is accessible for transfer from wheelchair in front of the bench, which is 450mm.

Lava Volcano Sauna (Dry Sauna with 85-100°C and humidity of 3-8%) – is accessible to guests either using a Center Parcs wheelchair or by transferring to the bench, which is 450mm.

Snow and Ice Room - is wheelchair accessible.

Rain Walk - the rain walk requires a wheelchair suitable for a wet environment.

Fire & Ice Lounge – is accessible for guests who wish to remain in their wheelchair, however, a lounger is available with a transfer height of 450/480 mm for those who wish to transfer.

The Blossom Spa

Blossom Steam Room – (Temp 38-45°C and humidity 100%) is accessible to the Center Parcs wheelchair or for transfer to a small stool, which is 450mm high, for which upper and lower body bracing would be necessary.

Rain Walk – is accessible to the Center Parcs wheelchair and other wheelchairs suitable for wet environments. However there is a sharp return on the Rain Walk which may mean that some wheelchairs may need to reverse out.

Blossom Relaxation Lounge – accessible for a wheelchair or for front transfer onto bench, which is 450mm high

Blossom Heat Room (Dry heat, 40-50°C) – accessible for Center Parcs wheelchair. Please note the bench for transfer is a moulded bench (height of the bench is 471mm) which may be unsuitable for transfer for some individuals.

The Herbal Spa

Herbal Inhalation Bath (Wet heat, 45°C) – due to the size of these units access is restricted. A front transfer onto a moulded seat (height of the seat is 430mm) may be possible.

Experience Shower

An adapted Experience Shower is located on this floor in The Herbal Spa.

Herbal Sauna (Dry Sauna – Temp 85-100°C and humidity 3-8%) - is accessible to guests in the Center Parcs wheelchair or transfer to benching, the lowest tier height is 350mm.

Herbal Relaxation Lounge - The seating in the lounge requires the ability to manoeuvre up 2 small steps.

The Sensory Spa

Experience Shower – An adapted Experience Shower is located on this floor within The Sensory Spa.

Sensory Experience – (Temp 60-80°C and humidity variable) wheelchair accessible for Center Parcs wheelchairs suitable for hot wet environments or for transfer to seat. (Seat height 471mm).

Aqua Meditation Room (Dry, warm experience 37°C and humidity 40%) –wheelchair accessible or for transfer to seat. (Seat height 471mm)

The Mineral and Gemstone Spa

Mineral Room (Dry, 55°C) - due to the size of these units access is restricted. A front transfer onto a moulded seat may be possible. Seat height is 350mm at the back of the seat rising to 572mm at the front.

Crystal Steam Bath (Wet, 45°C) - due to the size of these units access is restricted. A front transfer onto a moulded seat (seat height 430mm) may be possible.

Mineral Steam Bath (Wet, 55°C and humidity 40-60%) – accessible for Center Parcs wheelchair or transfer onto a moulded stool, however, a good level of upper/lower body bracing would be necessary to use the stool. (Stool height 450mm)

Rain Walk – is accessible to the Center Parcs wheelchair and other wheelchairs suitable for wet environments.

The Salt Spa

Salt Sauna (Dry, Hot. Temp 85-100°C and humidity 3-8%) – Space for a wheelchair has been created and transfer is possible onto a bench. (Bench height is 471mm)

Salt Steam Room (Wet, warm – Temp 45°C and humidity 100%) – accessible to Center Parcs wheelchair. Alternatively guests able to walk a small number of steps may be able to use the Experience Room seating (height 430mm) from the wheelchair parking point in the Experience Room. An attendant will then remove the wheelchair and return it upon summons by pager.

Salt Relaxation Lounge - The seating in the lounge requires the ability to manoeuvre up 2 small steps.

Zen Garden

There is level access to the terraces surrounding the Zen Garden, however the landscaping of the Garden itself is made up of pebbles and stones. This is intrinsic to the experience itself and is not suitable for wheelchair use.

Outside Areas

The external Spa sun terrace and first floor balcony are fully accessible.

Internal doors will close during a fire alarm activation with the exception of Experience Room doors. The external automatic doors will hold open on activation of the fire alarm.

Pool Area

An Oxford Dipper hoist is available to provide access to the pool. The maximum safe working load is 140kg.

Aqua Sana Treatments

Some treatments may not be suitable for guests with some medical conditions. All guests are required to complete a consultation form prior to treatment. If any of the following apply, please consult with your doctor prior to your arrival and obtain written evidence of you fitness to participate in the treatment:

• You are currently receiving radiotherapy of chemotherapy for treatment of cancer.

• You have had surgery in the last three months

• You suffer from heart or circulation disorders, high or low blood pressure, epilepsy or asthma

• You have had a deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Treatment Rooms

An accessible Treatment Room is available with additional space for a wheelchair to manoeuvre, a couch which can lower to below 450mm and an accessible shower. Couches in treatment rooms are adjustable in height and tilt, but will not descend to the floor. Guests must be able transfer themselves onto couches or must bring a carer to provide assistance. Other than to the accessible Treatment Room, showers in treatment rooms are not wheelchair accessible. Lighting in treatment rooms is normally subdued. If you require additional lighting please identify this at the time of booking

Serial Suite

This treatment involves the use of mud and steam, and at times may be wet & slippery.

A front transfer, with assistance, may be possible.

Spa Suites

There are 8 Spa Suites which are not adapted luxury apartments, however, these may be suitable for disabled guests with limited disabilities.


There is one adapted hotel bedroom located on the top floor of the hotel. This is furnished to the standard of the Spa Suites and is accessible for wheelchair users. The adapted bedroom can be booked as a hotel room or can be booked within a Spa Suite Package (Luxury Spa Break) and in the latter case would be serviced to the same standard as a Spa Suite and provide the same Spa access. Please see the accommodation statement for further information

Vitalé Café & Bar

Entrance to Vitalé is accessed internally on the first floor within the Aqua Sana.

There is a lift providing access from both the ground floor changing rooms & exit and also level 2 for our Spa Suite guests.

The doors into Vitalé are double opening doors.

There is also an external terraced seating area accessed within Vitalé, via automatic double opening doors at the same level.

There are varying table heights, from 670mm to 730mm, allowing wheelchairs to fit underneath.

Accessible toilets are available in the lobby area adjacent to the entrance doors to Vitalé.

Lighting in the area is usually bright by day and subdued during the evening.

The counter does not have lowered counter sections however staff will provide assistance to your table when necessary.

Noise levels are no louder than ambient. Portable hearing loop available on request.

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