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Whinfell Forest Aqua Sana

Located adjacent to the Sports Plaza

Access for Carers

If you require assistance to use the Spa Experiences, your carer may enter at no cost.

Spa Attendants are present in the spa area and will provide assistance on request, however they are unable to assist with manual transfer, person handling duties and personal care.

There are standard emergency alarm call buttons in all experience rooms but excluding the relaxation areas. Where areas are identified as accessible for wheelchairs with no other limitation’s states, this assumes a standard width wheelchair as used in Building Regulations document M.

Guests are very welcome to use their own wheelchairs, however, experience rooms will involve wet/humid environments which may cause damage. We do not recommend the use of conventional wheelchairs in hot experience rooms, due to the potential for burns.

If you require any assistance, please request this at the time of your booking or upon arrival.

Day Spa Visitors Car Park

For Spa Day Visitors transport is provided between the car park and the Aqua Sana. If any day spa guests have disabilities please inform the Aqua Sana prior to arrival to allow the accessible minibus to be arranged.

Cycle Park

A bike park is situated very close to the main entrance to Aqua Sana.

Entrance & Reception

There is a ramp access leading to the main entrance. The main entrance to the Aqua Sana has double leaf doors (not power assisted) these lead into the reception, sales and waiting area. There are also a set of 11 low level steps to the venue from side entrance opposite Rajinda.

Toilets & Showers

Accessible toilets are available in both sex changing facilities and a unisex accessible toilet is available within the Aqua Sana. Accessible showers are also situated within the changing areas.

Changing Facilities

Accessible changing facilities are available. These are located in the main single sex changing facilities.

For guests requiring assistance from a carer of the opposite sex, please alert staff to this requirement at the time of booking or arrival at the Aqua Sana and staff will facilitate your carer’s access to the changing facilities with you.

Spa Experiences

The spa experiences are located predominantly on a single level, however, there are 2 steps down to the Lacconium experience, and a ramped route to this experience is also available.

All experience showers have a raised lip of 15cm.

Lighting is subdued throughout the Spa Experiences especially during the evenings. Some of the experiences contain subdued or no light.

A hoist is available (Oxford dipper – maximum safe working load 140kg) to provide access to the external pool, small step (18cm) to access the outside pool area.

The reflexology footbaths require the ability to lift legs over a plinth of 520mm to use.

Aqua Sana Treatments

Some treatments may not be suitable for guests with some medical conditions. A doctor’s note may be required. Please see current requirements in the Terms and Conditions of booking. All guests are required to complete a Consultation form prior to treatment. We do have a range of therapies developed with Made for Life Foundations which are suitable for guests for whom other treatments are not possible. Please discuss your needs at the time of booking.

Lighting in treatment rooms is normally subdued. If you require additional lighting please identify this at the time of booking.

Couches in treatment rooms are adjustable in height and tilt, the lowest they can descend to is 40cm above floor level. Guests must be able transfer themselves onto couches or must bring a carer to provide assistance. Showers in treatment rooms are not wheelchair accessible.

Vitale Café Bar

The counter does not include a lowered area. However, this is a small unit and staff are able to assist and serve you as necessary.

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