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Sherwood Forest Aqua Sana

Access for carers

If you require assistance to use the Spa Experiences within Aqua Sana, your carer may enter at no additional cost.

Spa Attendants are present in the spa area and will provide assistance on request. However, they are unable to assist with manual transfer, person handling duties and personal care.

There are standard emergency alarm call buttons in all

experience rooms but excluding the relaxation areas. Where areas are identified as accessible for wheelchairs with no other limitations stated, this assumes a standard width wheelchair as used in Building Regulations document M.

A Center Parcs wheelchair may be available on free loan to facilitate access to experience rooms involving heat or steam, which would not normally be accessible to conventional wheelchairs due to potential for burns from exposed metal parts. The Center Parcs specially adapted wheelchair is available on a first come first served basis. Guest are very welcome to use their own wheelchairs. However, certain experience rooms will involve wet and humid environments which may cause damage. We do not recommend the use of conventional wheelchairs in hot experience rooms, due to the potential for burns.

If you require any assistance please request this at the time of booking or upon your arrival.

Day Spa Visitors Car Park

For Spa day visitors the car park is approximately 300 metres to the main entrance of Aqua Sana. There are two allocated parking for disabled guests.

Cycle Park

A bike park is situated close to the main entrance to Aqua Sana.

Entrance and Reception

The main entrance to Aqua Sana has manual double doors with a wide intervening lobby. We would recommend that if you require the use of our Center Parcs wheelchair that is suitable for wet and/or hot environments that you notify our spa reception on your arrival and we can advise of availability.

Induction Hearing Loop

An induction Hearing Loop is available in this area. However, noise levels are usually subdued in this unit.

Express Treatment Area

Open plan level access off reception lobby.

The reflexology footbaths require the ability to lift the legs over a plinth into a bowl 400mm high. The seating for this treatment requires manoeuvrability up a small 130mm step and into a chair 600mm high with narrow leg and feet turning space restrictions between the static chair and built in footbath.

The vanity chairs are 570mm high with a foot rest 430mm lower than the seat itself.

The nail bar seating is made up of 400mm high chairs with a nail bar in situ at 740mm high.


Accessible toilets are available in both sex changing facilities and a unisex accessible toilet is available within the Spa Experience. A commode chair is available, please contact a member of our team should you require it.

Changing Facilities

Accessible private changing facilities are available. These are located via an adjoining door in the male and female changing facilities. A large bench seat is there for your use and stands at 500mm high.

For guests requiring assistance from a carer of the opposite sex, please alert staff to this requirement at the time of booking or arrival at Aqua Sana and staff will facilitate your carer’s access to the changing facilities with you.

We have a static shower chair available for use, should you require this please notify one of our spa hosts or a member of our team. In the male changing rooms the largest showering facility measures 1400mm x 1400mm and for the female changing room the largest shower cubicle is 1450mm deep x 1000mm wide. Both changing rooms have plenty of accessible seating. Access is from reception via one single manual door followed by two single manual doors to the spa experience.

Spa Experience

Lighting is subdued throughout the Spa Experience during the evenings.

Some of the experiences contain subdued ambient lighting only. Visibility in some of our rooms is also restricted due to the density of steam, this is the best indication based on humidity of the rooms. The higher the humidity the more dense the steam will be. Relaxation areas and all other areas within Aqua Sana are a comfortable room temperature.

There is level access to all sauna and steam rooms, with the exception of the Scandinavian Snug, this has a 200mm step to access.

Our landscaped garden areas are intrinsic to the experience itself and are made up of decking to complement the white stone gravel. Whilst the gardens are accessible via manual opening doors not all areas of the actual gardens are suitable for wheelchair use, for example, within the Hot Springs Garden there is a small step down from the decking onto stone gravel.

A lift provides access between the two levels of the spa.

The first floor is level with access to all steam rooms with a wheelchair space.

The flooring level flows throughout the spa on both levels with access to all experience rooms, treatment rooms, relaxation areas, gardens and Vitale Café Bar. There are water fountains within the spa that stand at 900mm high.

Pool Hoist

A hoist is available (Oxford dipper – maximum safe working load 140kg) to provide access to the outdoor pool.

Experience Rooms

Many spa experiences involve heat and steam and will make exposed metal work hot enough to burn.

Some of our experience rooms will be unsuitable for guests with certain medical conditions, particularly those conditions affected by heat or steam. Please consult with your doctor if necessary prior to booking with Aqua Sana.

Access for wheelchairs in our experience rooms is provided, however, the available space within the experience may limit wheelchair manoeuvres.

All our experience steam rooms and saunas have emergency alarm call buttons. Each experience has a space within the room for a wheelchair. Guests are welcome to use our facilities, some transfers may be side transfers or front and most will involve a good level of upper / lower body bracing. Some of our seating and couches are moulded so may prove unsuitable for transfer for some individuals. By the very nature of our facility rooms can be wet and humid with poor visibility, every care should be taken as it could be too slippery to make a safe transfer.

Sole Therapy

The reflexology footbaths require the ability to lift the legs into a bowl of 300mm high. The curved couch style seating is 480mm high.

Forest Floor

Alpine Steam

Intense steam 90 – 100% humidity, ambient temperature 45°C. Moulded seating at 450mm high.

Forest Rain Walk

A sequence of shower experiences with a seat 460mm high should you require at the entrance / exit.

Ice Cave

Operating at a mere 7-15°C and based on an igloo style wall, this cold area is not suitable for a wheelchair to manoeuvre through as there are narrow points 600mm wide at an angle.

Scandinavian Snug

Not accessible by wheelchair into the snug due to 200mm step. Two sets of double manual doors, snug is accessed via an outside pathway.

Nordic Sauna

A dry heat 75°C, humidity 3-15%. Two units, three tiered bench arrangement, with the lowest bench standing at 400mm high. There is space within the Nordic Sauna for guests to transfer.

Glacial Garden

Access via manual double doors.

Hot Springs

Salt Steam Room

Intense heat, maximum humidity and natural salt saturates the air. Moulded seating 450mm high.

Hot Springs Garden

Access outside via one manual opening door. There are two steps on the path that lead up to the duo of Hot Tubs running at 35°C. Both have seven seats, with three steps up and three steps down into the Hot Tubs. There are hand rails on one side of the Hot Tubs to aid entry. The decking area provides

moulded couches and space for a wheelchair. There is a small step down from the decking onto stone gravel which is not suitable for a wheelchair.

Waterfall Shower

Wide access at 900mm.

Volcanic Forest

Fireside Relax

Fireside access for guests who wish to remain in their wheelchair is possible with assistance from our spa attendants to move the large cocoon seating. Transferring is also possible with a transfer height of 380mm, our spa attendants will move the cocoon seating should it be necessary.

Lava Volcano Sauna

A hot 80-100°C dry sauna only 3-15% humidity with a bench arrangement both sides of the room. The lowest bench measuring at 350mm.

Volcanic Mists

Two showers, five experiences, suitable for a wheelchair but may need to reverse out.

Volcanic Steam

Warm at 45°C with 90-100% humidity, this steam room has moulded seating at 450mm high.

Outdoor Pool

A hoist is available (Oxford dipper – maximum safe working load 140kg) to provide access to the outdoor pool, during your spa session please advise our Spa Attendants when you wish to use it. Pool temperature is 32°C and the depth is 1.2 metres.

Forest Canopy

Forest View

No front access up to the beds with a wheelchair, a side transfer would consist of negotiating a shallow tread step of

108mm high on to the bed at 350mm high, a height total of 458mm. Comfortable room temperature.

Forest Meditation

This room has very low lighting levels, once through the door be advised that there are a pair of fold back curtains that may be drawn. Lounger at a height of 500mm would require front transfer or side transfer depending on seating availability. For those guests who wish to remain seated in their wheelchair there is plenty of space for you to relax. Comfortable room temperature.

Treetop Nesting

Forest Nesting

Large pod beds at a height of 550mm with front transfer only. Comfortable room temperature.

Forest Glade

This 45°C room is a high-density room 90-100% humidity often with water standing on the floor in places. Recreated plastic tree stump seating with no back support based standing at 500mm high and can be slippery. Upper and lower body bracing would be necessary.

Rain Forest Shower

Accessible in a wheelchair suitable for wet environments. However, some wheelchairs may need to reverse out.

Sweet Slumber

Ceramic 35°C heated body-contoured lounger, 450mm fixed height at centre of lounger, side transfer only.

Deep Relax

One waterbed is provided for guests on same level flooring and a further six are provided by accessing two small steps. Beds are in a fixed sited position and stand at 500mm high. You will also find an oversized sofa 500mm high to lounge on with access from the side and front positions.

Treetop Escape

Forest Terrace

Loungers and chairs both 380mm high on the outdoor balcony accessed via a single manual opening door.

Treetop Sauna

There are 14 steps which lead up to the 10 metre from the ground sauna. A dry sauna operating at 80°C.

Two single manual opening doors lead to tiered benches the lowest tier being 350mm high.

Serial Suite

This room has an ambient temperature of 45°C, 90-100% humidity. This treatment involves the use of mud and steam, and at times, will be wet & slippery.

Discovery Area

Individual chairs 400mm high with plenty of additional space should guests wish to remain seated in their wheelchair whilst they interact with our luxury product houses and gain knowledge from our experienced therapists who will be happy to go through any of our product allergens.

There are robe hooks approximately 5’ 1” high throughout the spa and outside each experience for you to hang your robes.

Aqua Sana Treatments

Some treatments may not be suitable for guests with some medical conditions. A doctor’s note may be required. Please see current requirements in the Terms and Conditions of booking. All guests are required to complete a consultation form prior to treatment.

We do have a range of therapies developed with Made for Life Foundations which are suitable for guests for whom other treatments are not possible. Please discuss your needs at the time of booking.

Lighting in treatment rooms is normally subdued. If you require additional lighting please identify this at the time of booking.

Couches in treatment rooms are adjustable in height and tilt, but will not descend to the floor. Guests must be able to transfer themselves onto couches or must bring a carer to provide assistance. Showers in treatment rooms are not wheelchair accessible.

Vitale Café Bar

Entrance to Vitale is accessed internally on the first floor within the

Aqua Sana. The counter includes a lowered area. Staff can assist and serve you as necessary. We have both large print and braille menus. The tables allow wheelchairs to fit comfortably underneath. Lighting in this area is usually bright by day and subdued during the evening.

Patio Area

The patio area is provided with level access.

In the event of a fire evacuation, the alarm will sound and the two doors at the spa entrance will close automatically, the Spa Attendants and Vitale team will manage the evacuation giving direction and assistance where needed.

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