The Herbal Spa

Herbal Inhalation Baths

Relax in a comprehensive and powerful way. Modern and beautiful rooms uplift your spirit and open up your systems – skin, air passages, and your mental outlook. Vitality washes over you completely for deep relaxation. Herbs can nurture the soul whilst they soothe body and mind.

Herbal Sauna

You begin to unwind and feel the healing effects even as you enter. Toasted herbs and colour display sequence soothe your soul as you appreciate beauty.

Herbal Relaxation Lounge

To fully recharge, you must have ample rest. Revitalise your spirit surrounded by the inspiring green and other hues of herbs. Be present. Unwind.

Spa Showers

Lock in the healing from each spa experience with immersive hydrotherapy. Rinse off stress and feel revitalised to continue your spa journey.