Spa Experiences

Inspired by nature and combining different approaches from the leading European spas with the latest innovations, discover the six unique spas within our Spa. A visit to Aqua Sana Woburn Forest includes access to all six spas, providing the most ways for you to unwind fully.

The Fire and Ice Spa

Juxtaposing soothing heat and invigorating ice helps relax your muscles and mind. Western and Chinese medicine both recognise that moving back and forth from hot to cool is an effective way to soothe and revive you.

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The Blossom Spa

The aroma of floral essences and beautiful design relax your body and balance your energy. Subtle changes will emerge as layers of multi-sensory effects gently shift your heart and mind, embracing you into deeper relaxation.

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The Herbal Spa

Relax in a comprehensive and powerful way. Modern and beautiful rooms uplift your spirit and open up your mind. Vitality washes over you completely for deep relaxation. Herbs can nurture the soul while they soothe and relax your body.

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The Sensory Spa

Spa experiences with full-body, multi-sensory stimulation. Your mind is kept active, regenerating your spirit at a deeply psychological level. This space ranges from meditative to stimulating, restoring harmony and relieving your body from stress.

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The Mineral & Gemstone Spa

Discover how minerals can relax you, and leave you feeling recharged. Minerals soothe soreness, detox pores, melt stress away and quiet the mind. Crystals and gemstones emanate strong yet subtle power to your entire body and soul.

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The Salt Spa

Salt soothes and invigorates – detox your system, soften your skin and breathe life in – as you purify, your outlook brightens as well. Clean lines and simplicity rule here. Open up to find you’re ready to take on the world anew.

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Other Spa Experiences

Our Spa Experiences are sure to help you unwind and enjoy a bit of me time. Lie back and relax under the sky in our Outdoor Heated Spa Pools or let your mind drift away on our cosy Water Beds. 

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