Steam Rooms

Indian Blossom Steam Room

Decorated in the style of a Maharaja's palace, this experience uses glittering lights, exotic colours, flower petals and sculpted stone. The purifying aromas of black amber and citrus clear your airways, whilst the steam gently raises your body temperature. This stimulates circulation and helps you to unwind.

Turkish Hammam

The classic Turkish Bath, inspired by the Sultans in their glittering palaces. A humid environment, with waves of intense steam and essential oils helps to detoxify and purify, soothing aching muscles. Inhale the eucalyptus-infused steam, opening your airways and helping you to breathe more easily.

Japanese Salt Steam

Ocean air works wonders for the respiratory system, and steam, essential oils and salt recreate the coastal atmosphere in this unique congestion-clearing inhalation room. Your body heats up slowly, and automatic jets of steam stimulate blood circulation and detoxify and purify. This room is centred around a striking illuminated rose quartz, believed to have healing qualities and stimulate the senses. Relax on the heated seats and breathe in the bracing mix of mineral salts, jasmine and mint.

Balinese Steam Room

Drift away in the warm steam and magical atmosphere of our Balinese Steam Room, with its glimmering lights and exotic aromas. As you inhale deeply, your body heats up slowly and gently, stimulating circulation and beginning the purifying and detoxifying process.