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Whinfell Forest Spa Experiences

Discover 14 indoor and outdoor spa experiences, taking inspiration from ancient healing traditions and using the powers of heat, water and nature to bring a wealth of wellbeing benefits for your mind and body.


Thermal Experiences

Japanese Salt Steam Bath

Ocean air works wonders for the respiratory system, and steam, essential oils and salt recreate the coastal atmosphere in this unique congestion-clearing inhalation room. Your body heats up slowly, and automatic jets of steam stimulate blood circulation and detoxify and purify. This room is centred around a striking illuminated rose quartz, believed to have healing qualities and stimulate the senses. Relax on the heated seats and breathe in the bracing mix of mineral salts, jasmine and mint.

salt steam with block of mineral in the middle

Balinese Multi-Steam Room

Drift away in the warm steam and magical atmosphere of our Balinese Steam Room, with its glimmering lights and exotic aromas. As you inhale deeply, your body heats up slowly and gently, stimulating circulation and beginning the purifying and detoxifying process.

experience room with women in background sat in steam and statue in front of image

Indian Blossom Steam Room

Decorated in the style of a Maharaja's palace, this experience uses glittering lights, exotic colours, flower petals and sculpted stone. The purifying aromas of black amber and citrus clear your airways, whilst the steam gently raises your body temperature. This stimulates circulation and helps you to unwind.

tiled experience room with elephant feature

Turkish Hammam

The classic Turkish Bath, inspired by the Sultans in their glittering palaces. A humid environment, with waves of intense steam and essential oils helps to detoxify and purify, soothing aching muscles. Inhale the eucalyptus-infused steam, opening your airways and helping you to breathe more easily.

tiled experience room

Tyrolean Sauna

A traditional sauna with wooden benches and soothing dry heat. This sauna works quickly, inducing perspiration and opening your pores. This helps to cleanse the body of impurities - enhancing immune defences, easing muscle pain and relieving stress.

wooden sauna

Greek Herbal Bath

A more gentle thermal treatment, our Greek Herbal Bath uses complementary herbal essences, each offering specific wellbeing benefits. Chamomile creates a feeling of calm, promoting a good night's sleep, sage relieves stress and counters muscle fatigue, while rosemary stimulates mind and body and promotes clearer thinking.

tiled experience room with bucket in the middle


Taking inspiration from the ancient Roman baths this intense, dry heat experience can aid to strengthen your immune system. The hot air will raise your body temperature and work to naturally purify and detoxify your body and skin.

Inside of a decorative Laconicum.

Water Experiences

Outdoor Pool

Let your mind drift away in our heated outdoor pool, set against a striking forest backdrop. Whether you're doing a few lazy lengths, floating beneath the open sky or simply admiring the woodland view as you soak amongst the bubbles, it's a tranquil and refreshing experience whatever the weather.

Outdoor pool with surrounding decking where comfortable egg chairs are placed in front of a sign that reads 'Soak in the Forest'.

Multi-Sensory Showers

A sequence of shower experiences using meridian acupressure, alternating hot and cold water alongside different scents, sounds, colours and sensations. Rain:  A cold and refreshing rain shower to stimulate and tone the body. Side: Activate the side body jets, revitalising circulation. Head: A classic head shower, which drenches your entire body in soothing, warm water. Tropic: A tropical effect, combining a warm, orange glow with the scent of maracuja. Fresh: Cold mist sprayed all over your body - a tingling and revitalising experience.

person with face under shower

Ice Fountain

Enjoy an invigorating ice-rub across your skin after visiting our thermal experiences. Alternating extremes of hot and cold boosts circulation, reduces inflammation, minimises pores and enhances your sense of wellbeing.

handful of crushed ice


Hydrotherapy has been used to promote health and wellbeing for hundreds of years. Try the massage jets to soothe aching muscles, increase circulation, boost the immune system and flush away toxins, or take a relaxing soak to calm your nerves and melt away stress.

pool with jets and taps

Reflexology Footbaths

The perfect start to your spa experience, our effervescent reflexology footbaths soothe and stimulate tired and aching feet. Soaking your feet helps your body temperature rise slightly, preparing you for the heat of some of our experiences.

close up of feet in bubbles

Relax Experiences


Our cosy water beds are the perfect place for a moment of calm and meditation amongst the glowing candles. Snuggle under a soft towel and sink into the bed, allowing yourself to be rocked to sleep by the gentle ripples of the water below you.

candles on shelf and waterbed

Japanese Zen Garden

Zen Buddhist monks in Japan designed gardens for focus, reflection and meditation. Our Zen Garden includes radiant Japanese maples and reflexology stones for a combination meditative walk and foot massage, helping to reduce tension and lower blood pressure.

outdoor garden area with wooden bench

Outdoor Terrace

Snuggle up under a fluffy towel on one of our egg-shaped poolside loungers and soak up the beautiful forest views. Feel close to nature and enjoy a moment of quiet reflection as you gaze out over the water and through the trees.

outdoor pool and terrace area
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