Spa Experiences

Explore the best spa experiences from across the world. The many ways you can relax will surprise and revitalise you. Discover a special sense of adventure as you create your own route.

Reflexology Footbaths

Start your spa experience with the relaxing effervescent reflexology footbath. Soaking your feet helps your body temperature rise slightly, preparing you for the heat of some of our experiences.

 Suitable for pregnancy over 12 weeks.

Tyrolean Sauna

Take a seat on traditional wooden benches and relax in the soothing dry heat. This sauna works quickly; inducing perspiration and opening up the pores to cleanse the body of impurities. It's thought to enhance your immune defences and relieve stress.

Multi-Sensory Showers

A sequence of shower experiences that harness the proven benefits of meridian acupressure, alternating hot and cool water, and different scents, sounds and colours.

  • Rain:  Refresh yourself with a cold rain shower for stimulating and toning the body.
  • Side: Activate the side body jets to revitalise circulation.
  • Head: A classic head shower. Drench your entire body in soothing, warm water.
  • Tropic: A warm, orange glow with the scent of maracuja enhances a tropical feeling.
  • Fresh: Cold mist sprayed all over your body for a tingling and revitalising experience.


A favourite during the golden age of the Roman Empire, this gentle heat bath is infused with citrus to purify and detoxify your body. Your body heats up slowly and gently in the dry relaxing environment and when you feel hot, direct the herbal cold-water hose all over your body, starting with the extremities and always working towards the heart. Your skin tingles and feels refreshed.

Water Beds

An important part of any spa experience is the opportunity to close your eyes and lie back in quiet contemplation, to induce complete relaxation. At Aqua Sana, we've made this easier with our cosy water beds, escape and enjoy the support and let your mind drift away.

Suitable during pregnancy over 3 months. 

Indian Blossom Steam Room

Themed on the inner sanctum of a Maharaja's palace, you'll quickly be transported back to an era of royal baths, colours and sculpted stone. With its glittering lights, flower petals and exotic aroma, the soothing steam helps you unwind.

As you relax, the fresh aromas of eucalyptus and menthol will help you to gently perspire and assist in clearer breathing. Your body temperature gently rises, your circulation is stimulated and the purifying and detoxifying process begins.

Greek Herbal Bath

This is a gentle and relaxing treatment with a mild temperature and average humidity. Inhaling the changing herbal essences induces feelings of wellbeing.

  • Chamomile: Cultivates a feeling of calm and promotes a good night's sleep, soothing mind, body and spirit.
  • Sage: Reviving and stress-relieving to counter muscle tiredness and fatigue.
  • Rosemary: Stimulates mind and body and promotes clarity of thought, sharp memory and focused thinking.

Japanese Zen Garden

Zen Buddhist monks in Japan designed gardens for reflection, focus and meditation. Our Zen Garden features Japanese maples, trickling water from bamboo, and an added bonus - reflexology stones for a combination meditative walk and foot massage.

Turkish Hammam

This is the classic Turkish Bath, inspired by the Sultans in their glittering palaces on the Bosphorus and across Turkey. Waves of intense steam and essential oils work in a humid environment, to detoxify and purify,whilst relaxing sore muscles and body aches. Eucalyptus infused in the steam, is an excellent decongestant and aids clearer breathing with soothing effects.

Outdoor Heated Spa Pool

Let your mind drift as you float in our heated outdoor pool. Whether the sun’s shining, stars are twinkling or rain falls gently on the water’s surface, it’s a tranquil and refreshing experience all year round.  

The pool (not the jets or bubbles) is suitable for pregnancy over 12 weeks.

Ice Fountain

Follow one of our heat experiences with an invigorating ice-rub. Alternating extremes of heat and cold is proven to boost circulation, minimise pores and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Japanese Salt Steam Bath

The Japanese have always known that ocean air works wonders for the respiratory system. Steam, essential oils and salt combine to create the sea atmosphere of this unique inhalation room. It is especially good for clearing congestion and helping you to breathe more easily. Your body heats up slowly as you start to perspire.

The automatic jets of steam then stimulate blood circulation and start the purifying and detoxifying process. The central focus is the illuminated rose quartz, a stone with great healing qualities and the capacity to stimulate the senses to heightened awareness. Relax on the heated seats and breathe in the bracing mix of Mineral Salts, Jasmine and Mint.

Tyrolean Garden

As with the spa culture of the Japanese, part of enjoying a spa in the Tyrol region includes spending time outside. Taking time to cool off, enjoying aromatic plants and shrubs with space to rest and contemplate. Our Tyrolean Garden is a quiet place which you can enjoy between spa experiences. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the open sky.

Suitable during pregnancy over 3 months.

Balinese Steam Room

Drift away in the warm steam and therapeutic atmosphere. Lights glimmer and exotic aromas create a wonderful ambience. As you inhale deeply, your body heats up gently, stimulating circulation and beginning a purifying and detoxifying process.