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What is a spa experience?


One of the things that makes Aqua Sana unique is the huge variety of spa experiences within the spa, with up to 25 spa experiences to explore depending on the location. You can easily spend a full day (or two) trying them all and finding your favourite!

Our multi-sensory spa experiences are inspired by the natural world, with everything from volcanic mists to tropical rainstorms to forest glades. They use a combination of heat, water, light, sound, steam, scents and themed décor, and the result is an immersive full-body experience that’s designed to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are the four types of spa experiences that you can discover at Aqua Sana.

Water experiences

Hydrotherapy has been used to promote health and wellbeing for hundreds of years. You can explore a wide variety of different water experiences, including Hot Springs, Sole Therapy reflexology footbaths, Forest Rain Walk showers, an outdoor pool with massage jets and an Ice Cave – all of which provide specific health benefits for your mind and body.

woman walking out the pool

Dry Heat experiences

Dry heat has been used throughout history to ease muscle and joint pain, improve cardiovascular health and help you to relax. You’ll find different dry heat experiences inspired by nature, such as the Nordic Sauna, Lava Sauna and more, each with a different themed ambiance and temperature. If you’re visiting Sherwood Forest, don’t miss the Treetop Sauna, which offers spectacular views over the forest below.

Treetop Sauna at Sherwood Forest

Steam experiences

Steam experiences are designed to improve circulation, open your pores, relax your muscles and clear congestion. You’ll be truly spoilt for choice with plenty of different steam experiences to explore, from the Forest Glade to the Salt Steam Room to Alpine Steam. If you’re heading to Longleat Forest, be sure to visit the atmospheric Moonlight Steam Room.

tiled experience room with blue lighting coming from feature on ceiling

Relaxation experiences

Of course, one of the main reasons for visiting a spa is to get the chance to switch off and experience a moment of calm or a much-needed doze. Our relaxation and meditation experiences feature luxuriously comfortable beds such as water beds, heated loungers or cocoon beds, plus sounds and visuals such as crackling fire, rippling water or a star-studded sky. If you’re visiting Woburn Forest, head to the Blossom Relaxation Lounge, which features heated lounge chairs, chromatherapy lights and aromatic jasmine essences.

Two ladies relaxing in the Blossom Relaxation Lounge

Experiences at each Aqua Sana spa vary, so be sure to check which spa experiences are available at each location before visiting.


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