Aqua Sana
Woburn Forest

Aqua Sana Woburn Forest

We all deserve time for ourselves to recharge. With our new spa at Woburn Forest, whether it’s a spa day you’re after or a longer spa break, it’s easy to let go and discover a renewed, radiant you.

Enveloped in the gentle contours of the Bedfordshire countryside our re-energising spa awaits you. Aqua Sana is a complete escape in the heart of the forest. A one-of-a-kind spa in the UK.

We’ve combined the best approaches from European spas with new innovations to create our World of Spa: featuring six unique spas for you to journey through, each with a selection of multi-sensory rooms.

Explore each spa: Fire & Ice, Blossom, Herbal, Sensory, Mineral & Gemstone and Salt. Our multi-sensory experiences are uniquely designed with the latest innovations and restorative benefits. Our focus is on clearing your mind and body of stress and opening up your outlook.

Take one of our suggested routes to discover your renewal, or create your own route, relishing your favourites and finding your deepest revitalisation. And unwind completely while you take in beautiful forest views from our outdoor infinity pool.

All you need is here, to relax fully and restore yourself, readying you to get on with life. Schedules don’t matter when you spend the day pampering yourself and enjoying the company of others others.

Aqua Sana Woburn Forest: celebrating the invigorating benefits of nature.

Relax & Revitalise

About Aqua Sana at Woburn Forest

Set in the heart of the forest with the latest spa innovations, Aqua Sana at Woburn Forest has everything you need in one place to rediscover your vitalised self.

Spa Days

Spa Days are the perfect short break from life that we all should make time to squeeze in—after a whole day revitalising body and mind, that refreshed feeling helps us to start anything anew.

World of Spa

We’ve used the latest approaches to create a World of Spa that is state-of-the-art. Six unique spas for you to journey through – each with its own distinct design and restorative benefits–The Fire & Ice Spa, The Blossom Spa, The Herbal Spa, The Sensory Spa, The Mineral & Gemstone Spa and The Salt Spa. No other spa in the UK matches our culmination of multi-sensory experiences to ensure you let go and fully renew.


We feature treatments developed for women, men and couples. Our experienced therapists know a variety of techniques so you can find what works best for you. Sometimes, the pampering of a soothing facial is all you need to relax.

Vitalé Café Bar

Vitale Café Bar delights your senses with a colourful variety of fresh Mediterranean food and tasty indulgences. Reconnect over a cappuccino. Savour our freshly made pasta dishes, soups, malt breads and paninis. Linger over salad and then give in to a sweet treat. A glass of Prosecco uplifts your spirits and helps you unwind.

Spa Breaks - Spa Suites

Our stylish Spa Suites make for the ultimate pampering experience. Thoughtfully designed so the space feels large yet cosy, no detail has been overlooked. Feel closer to nature soaking in the oversized bathtub with doors opening onto your private balcony. Cosy up under blankets on comfy sun-loungers, curl up on the sofa while listening to soothing music, or savour the convenience of going from your room to the Spa in a robe. Whether with your partner or a friend, relaxation is yours for the taking.

Booking a Luxury Spa Break

Luxury Spa Breaks at Aqua Sana Woburn Forest are available now. Use the booking bar below to check availability and make your booking.

Spa Map

Take a Look Around

Explore the map of our spa to get a real feel of the World of Spa and all the experience rooms included in your Spa Day.

Luxury Spa Breaks

Luxury Spa Breaks

An overnight stay in our Spa Suites is the ultimate in pampering, Luxury Spa Breaks allow you to stretch the radiant feeling from a Spa Day into an overnight escape. From a Signature Treatment to breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything is taken care of for you. Experience a true celebration of you.