Other Spa Experiences

Reflexology Footbaths

Start your spa experience with the relaxing effervescent reflexology footbath. Soaking your feet helps your body temperature rise slightly, preparing you for the heat of some of our experiences. The bubbles in turn stimulate reflex zones on the bottom of your feet which relaxes your whole body.

Suitable for pregnancy over 12 weeks.

Outdoor Heated Spa Pool

You can float around in our heated outdoor spa pools, swim a length or two or just lie back and relax under the sky. There are exhilarating massage jets to stimulate your neck and shoulders or enjoy stretching out in the bubbles and let your cares slip away.

The pool (not the jets or bubbles) is suitable for pregnancy over 12 weeks.

Japanese Zen Garden

Zen Buddhist monks in Japan designed gardens for reflection, focus and meditation. Our Zen Garden features Japanese maples, trickling water from bamboo, and an added bonus - reflexology stones for a combination meditative walk and foot massage.

Water Beds

An important part of any spa experience is the opportunity to close your eyes and lie back in quiet contemplation, to induce complete relaxation. At Aqua Sana, we've made this easier with our cosy water beds, escape and enjoy the support and let your mind drift away.

Suitable during pregnancy over 3 months.