The Mineral & Gemstone Spa

Mineral Steam Bath

Slowly open up your pores to feel the relaxing benefits of minerals. Heat, steam then shower sequences help revitalise you in a calming mineral way.

Thunder & Rain Walk

A multisensory shower walk revitalises you by stimulating your entire body. Step into a tropical rainforest to feel refreshed after spa rooms.

Mineral Room

A world first. Energise your senses and calm your nerves as varying minerals infuse in the air, cradled by refreshing lemongrass as you recharge from inside-out. Mineral salts enter your pores gently, restoring you with the calming effects trace elements have on your body and emotions.

Crystal Steam Bath

Steam and rose aromatherapy work together to help you mellow out completely. Total humidity and crystal power soothe and recharge.

Spa Showers

Lock in the healing from each spa experience with immersive hydrotherapy. Rinse off stress and feel revitalised to continue your spa journey.