The Fire and Ice Spa

Snow and Ice Room

Follow our heat experiences with an invigorating ice-rub across your skin in our igloo-themed Snow and Ice Room. Alternating extremes of heat and cold helps to boost circulation, reduce inflammation, minimise pores and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Lava Volcano Sauna

This intensely hot and dry sauna recreates the look and feel of the earth's fiery core with red light and glowing coal. The atmosphere relaxes the muscles and respiratory system, improves circulation and strengthens core immunity.

Stone Sauna

The dry heat of a sauna meets the humidity of a steam bath, with cooled stones and tiles to help you rest here for longer than in other saunas.

Rain Walk

A sequence of three shower experiences harnessing the proven benefits of meridian acupressure, alternating hot and cool water, and using different scents, sounds and colours for a revitalising full-body experience.

Fire Relaxation Lounge

Snuggle up on a comfortable lounger in this bright and airy room, wrapping yourself in a blanket and drifting off to the soft glow and crackling sounds of the fire.

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