The Fire and Ice Spa

Stone Sauna

The dry heat of a sauna meets the humidity of a steam bath with cooled stones and tiles to help you rest here for longer than in other saunas.

Lava-Volcano Sauna

Relax your muscles with intense heat to improve circulation. A hot, dry sauna with lava design influences; welcome to the earth’s core for vitality.

Snow & Ice Room

Invigorate yourself by rubbing ice over your warmed body. Juxtaposing heat and cold is proven to help your overall wellbeing.

Rain Walk

A multisensory shower walk revitalises you by stimulating your entire body. Step into a tropical rainforest to feel refreshed after blossom.

Fire Relaxation Lounge

Resting your body between experiences and treatments is just as important to achieve deep relaxation.  Lie back and let the flickering flames of our ultra-modern fireplace completely relax you.

Spa Showers

Lock in the healing from each spa experience with immersive hydrotherapy. Rinse off stress and feel revitalised to continue your spa journey.