The Blossom Spa

Blossom Steam Room

The colours of flowers change your mood in this blossom inhalation steam bath. Glowing backlit seats entice you to absorb flower essences in a soothing room.

Rain Walk

A multisensory shower walk revitalises you by stimulating your entire body. Step into a tropical rainforest to feel refreshed after blossom.

Blossom Relaxation Lounge

Take time for just you in this quiet room, to read, snooze, or simply relax between each heat treatment. From the comfort of a heated lounge chair, surrender yourself to total rest. Aromatic jasmine and chromotherapy lights support deep relaxation.

Blossom Heat Room

Let the essences of flowers embrace you, gently restoring your spirit. Undulating walls, mild heat and humidity keep you here longer to absorb the benefits.

Spa Showers

Lock in the healing from each spa experience with immersive hydrotherapy. Rinse off stress and feel revitalised to continue your spa journey.