Aqua Sana

Whinfell Forest

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Aqua Sana Whinfell Forest

Time melts away at Aqua Sana at Whinfell Forest. Slow down and relax completely. Forget your daily routine in our spa nestled on the edge of the Lake District.


Spa Days
Spend a whole day at Aqua Sana. Extend your time here so you get the most out of our pools, our spa experiences and our treatments. When you let go of your daily routine and give in to pampering, troubles melt away. Take the time to get back to you.

Spa Experiences

Melt away your troubles in our outdoor pool centred blissfully in natured. With over fourteen different spa experiences - from wet, to dry to herbal or meditative - you’ll find a favourite route worth discovering.


We feature treatments developed for women, men and couples. Our experienced therapists know a variety of techniques so you can find what works best for you. Sometimes, the pampering of a soothing facial is all you need to relax.

Vitalé Café Bar
Vitalé Café Bar delights your senses with a colourful variety of fresh Mediterranean food and tasty indulgences.Reconnect over a cappuccino. Savour our freshly made pasta dishes, soups, malt breads and paninis. Linger over salad and then give in to a sweet treat. A glass of Prosecco uplifts your spirits and helps you unwind.


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