Volcanic Forest

Lava Sauna

This intense, dark sauna recreates the look and feel of the earth's fiery core with red light and glowing coal. The hot and dry atmosphere relaxes the muscles and respiratory system, improves circulation and helps to strengthen core immunity.

Volcanic Steam

Enjoy the intense warm steam in this spa experience, relaxing muscles, easing tension and detoxing skin. The red and amber volcanic glow illuminates the room and helps you sink into a deep state of relaxation.

Volcanic Mists

Two showers, five experiences. Cool off with the cold bucket shower after leaving a sauna, or try four milder, nature-inspired settings -  including tropical rain, cold mist and warm spray or a combination.

Fireside Relax

Curl up on an oversized cocoon bed in this dimly lit and peaceful room, snuggling under a blanket and allowing your mind to drift off with the sight and sound of the glowing, crackling fire.