Nordic Forest

Nordic Sauna

Take a seat on the aspen wooden benches and enjoy the soothing dry heat, which cleanses the body of impurities by inducing perspiration and opening pores. The floor-to-ceiling window brings the 'wow-factor', offering panoramic views of the pine forest outside.

Ice Cave

Follow our heat experiences with an invigorating ice-rub, which helps to boost circulation, reduce inflammation, minimise pores and improve mental wellbeing.

Alpine Steam

Intense steam, rose essence and amethyst crystal work together in powerful harmony in this steam room, soothing skin, improving circulation and stimulating the respiratory, digestive and immune systems.

Forest Rain Walk

Harnessing the proven benefits of meridian acupressure, these shower sequences alternate hot and cool water with varying scents, sounds, colours and sensations.

Scandinavian Snug

Snuggle up in a warm blanket and lie back amongst the cushions in our cosy, Scandinavian-inspired garden retreat. Complete with flickering fire pit and woodland views, it's the perfect spot for a moment of quiet contemplation.