Treetop Nesting

Forest Glade

Inspired by the look and feel of a forest clearing, the Forest Glade steam room includes quaint tree stump seating, hydrating mists, forest sounds and soothing cherrywood essence - recreating a woodland haven that leaves you feeling stimulated, purified and detoxed.

Rain Forest Shower

A sequence of shower experiences harness the proven benefits of meridian acupressure, alternating hot and cool water, with a cool mint essence.

Deep Relax

A guest favourite, our cosy water beds are the perfect place for a moment of calm and meditation. Snuggle under a fresh towel and sink into the soft bed, allowing yourself to be rocked to sleep by the gentle ripples of the water below.

Sweet Slumber

Drift into a state of relaxation among the treetops. The heated body-contoured loungers set against a forest scene create a quiet, calm place to reflect and gather your thoughts or simply doze off for a minute or two.