Forest Immersion

Forest Cavern

An exclusive experience at Aqua Sana Longleat Forest. Taking design inspiration from local cave formations, our unique tepidarium recreates the sights, sounds and sensations of a cavern nestled deep in the humid rainforest. Listen to the trickling water, breathe in the pomegranate and myrrh infused air and hide away from the world in this natural haven.

Moonlight Steam Room

Feel the lunar power in this magical tropical rainforest beneath a striking moonlight centrepiece, exclusive to Aqua Sana Longleat Forest. Lights, colours, scents and sounds take you on a gentle journey from dusk though to dawn - leaving you stimulated, refreshed and soothed.

Forest Nesting

Take some time out from our thermal experiences to snuggle down on a soft, oversized cocoon bed beneath a star-studded 'night sky' ceiling. Curl up under a cosy blanket and close your eyes, or relax as the calming water patterns ripple across the floor.

Forest View

Gaze out across the panoramic woodland landscape in our Forest View area. With soft cushioned day beds, muted forest colours and wall-to-ceiling windows to let in sunlight, even a brief rest here will leave you feeling recharged and refreshed.

Forest Meditation

Experience the power of forest bathing in this enchanting meditation space. Settle down on a soft lounger and watch the magical forest sky above as it phases from dusk to dawn to daylight. The perfect place to relax, practice mindfulness or drift off into a doze.