Photo exclusive: Woburn Forest Aqua Sana gets a makeover

Photo exclusive: Woburn Forest Aqua Sana gets a makeover

As you know, we all need pampering from time to time – and our spas are no different. After opening just under two years ago, Aqua Sana Woburn Forest has had a makeover just in time for spring and summer. 
As well as a new lick of paint, we’ve completely revamped some of our relaxation lounges and experience rooms. Here’s the full debrief, according to Kerry Fenton-Kent, Group Spa Manager.

Salt Relaxation Lounge

“We wanted to make the area more relaxing,” says Kerry. “From the raised beds you can see through the windows out on to the forest and Zen Garden, to connect you with the tranquillity of the forest.” Kerry suggests spending around 10 minutes in the relaxation lounge after journeying through the Salt Spa. “This is the perfect place to come and appreciate the benefits before moving on to the next spa,” she adds.

Herbal Relaxation Lounge

“This relaxation lounge is on the upper floor,” explains Kerry. “It’s a really relaxing space and again, you can see out over on to the forest which brings the outdoors in.” After visiting the four experiences in the Herbal Spa, including Herbal Inhalation Baths and Herbal Sauna with relaxing scents of rosemary and lavender, visit the relaxation lounge and allow your body temperature to rebalance. “The seats are bigger than you think,” says Kerry. “They’re oversized and wide enough for you to lie down and completely relax.”

Fire and Ice Relaxation Lounge

From the Lava Volcano Sauna to the Snow and Ice Room, the Fire and Ice Spa incorporates great extremes, so the relaxation lounge is a great space to rest and refocus afterward. “The chairs are for individuals,” says Kerry. “They’re great to just climb into, curl up with a book and enjoy some alone time, to gather your thoughts and really enjoy the tranquillity.”

Discovery Session Area

There are a number of sessions ran, free of charge, throughout the day at Aqua Sana. From product testing to makeup tutorials, this area is where guests can gather around as our therapists share their expert knowledge and advice. The new seating means up to 16 people can attend any one session, which often includes hands-on product trialling and mini treatments. “It’s a great opportunity to try out new products and get tailored advice from our expertly trained team,” says Kerry.

Ice Room Experience

Part of the Fire and Ice Spa, the Snow and Ice Room has had a complete makeover to give it a cool new look. With ice walls and ice fountain, Kerry suggests you enter this experience room after you’ve tried the heat experiences, such as Lava Volcano Sauna and Stone Sauna. “Rub the ice onto your skin to close the pores and rejuvenate,” says Kerry.


“This is the only area of the spa that we recommend complete silence,” says Kerry. “Featuring six waterbeds and six loungers, all overlooking the terrace and forest, this area is the ultimate in peacefulness.” “You can just lie down and switch off from the stresses of the outside world, really take some time to yourself. Close your eyes and drift off into a world of serenity,” suggests Kerry.

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