5 tips to get your skin ready for winter


As the seasons change, our skin is faced with new elements that is has to battle. This winter, fight the effects of the harsh winter temperatures by following our top five tips for radiant winter skin.

Winter is just around the corner and although a hot bubble bath followed by wrapping up in a blanket with our favourite box of chocolates is what winter is all about, this can cause chaos for our skin. Just like in the summer months where we have to protect our skin from the blazing sun, in winter we have to protect our skin from the harsh temperatures that winter brings. This does not necessarily mean buying the most expensive beauty products, the answers can instead be very simple and often costless.

Our five beauty tips are the easiest ways you can protect your skin this winter.

1. Protect your hands from the cold winter weather

Your hands have to battle the winter elements and often suffer most due to increased exposure to the cold temperatures. Gloves are often a forgotten accessory that are hidden at the bottom of everyone’s drawers, but this winter, dig out a pair and protect your skin. If you can get into the habit of wearing gloves, it will mean that your hands are protected from frostbite, redness and roughness, all of which, we want to avoid.

2. Limit your hot bubble baths

As winter hits and the temperature drops, it can be very tempting to have a soak in a hot bubble bath or have a long hot shower. The truth is, hot water strips the skin of all its natural oils and can increase dryness and dehydration. This winter try to limit long hot showers and baths to a couple of times a week and as hard as the choice may be, choose lukewarm baths and showers over those which are steaming hot.

3. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating regularly can be helpful to your skin all year round. As well as improving the texture and complexion of your skin, exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells, dirt and any residue from cosmetics you may have used. This allows your skin to breath and enables your skin to soak up moisture more easily. As well as your skin, exfoliating your lips can be useful during the winter months as it can help heal dry, chapped lips.

4. Make moisturising part of your skincare routine

As the temperatures drop below zero, the cold weather steals away the natural moisture in our skin, which can result in our skin becoming dry. To avoid this, the easiest solution is to moisturise day and night. Applying moisturiser to damp skin can lock in the moisture and keep skin from drying out. So, make moisturising part of your daily skincare routine and say goodbye to dry skin this winter and hello to radiant skin all year round.

5. Drink plenty of water

Winter marks the season of mulled wine and hot chocolate, but as the cold weather arrives, don’t just stick to those warm Christmas beverages, it’s important to continue drinking your daily amount of water. Drinking plenty of water is beneficial to both your health and beauty, it helps to get rid of bad toxins and promotes rejuvenation. Staying hydrated is key for healthy skin, so have a glass of warm water and lemon daily and your skin will soon show signs of improvement.

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