Forest bathing at Aqua Sana


First there was mindfulness, hygge and self-care. Now forest bathing is the latest wellness trend to arrive in the UK and take us all by storm.

The concept comes from Japan, where the healing and relaxing properties of the forest are well-known, and a quarter of the population regularly take part in this natural experience which, at its core, is simply being around trees. It translates from the Japanese ‘shinrin-yoku’, meaning ‘take in the forest atmosphere’.

The idea is to spend time in the heart of the forest, quietly enjoy the natural environment and ‘bathe’ (figuratively) in the forest’s sounds, smells and colours.

At Aqua Sana, our unique spas nestled in acres of glorious woodland have been offering guests the benefits of forest bathing combined with the joy of spa for years. But now we’re taking it a step further, with a brand new area dedicated to forest bathing at Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest.

Inspired by the spa’s natural pine forest surroundings, the new experiences will include open terraces, outdoor relaxation areas in the forest and even a treetop sauna that offers views around the forest canopy.

Opening this spring, the new spa has undergone a multi-million pound investment to create a forest bathing paradise. The transformation is backed by research which has discovered that forest bathing can help to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol (the stress hormone), all of which aids relaxation and promotes gentle mindfulness.

Speaking about the new Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest area, Aqua Sana Group Manager Kay Pennington says:

“Here at Aqua Sana, we’ve always treasured the beautiful forest settings of our spas, so it’s great to have this recognised with the forest bathing trend. Being amongst the trees is proven to reduce stress levels, so the woodland setting of our spas makes them the perfect escape from the everyday. At the new Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest, we’ve created a bespoke forest bathing area where guests can truly absorb the natural forest environment and reap the benefits of this calming Japanese trend.”

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