Faking it: how to get ready for summer


Summer is officially here, which can only mean one thing – skin is in! Dust off the epilator, bulk buy the moisturiser and get your skin in shape for beaches and back gardens. To give yourself that extra boost of confidence and make it less obvious we’ve all been huddled up in jumpers and tights for months, it’s also time to hit the bottle. Fake tan bottle, obviously.

But from streaky stories to smelling like a human digestive biscuit, there are risks associated with fake tan. Luckily for you, Kay Pennington, Group Aqua Sana Manager, is here to help.

Kay says: “Fake tanning products are much safer than sunbathing as you are at less risk of exposure to UVA and UVB rays, responsible for ageing and skin damage. There are lots of products available to give you a healthy glow, but the key to sun-kissed success is in the preparation.”

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating not only eliminates dead skin cells but produces a smooth surface to work with. “If you’re in a hurry you can use an exfoliating glove, made from a coarse fabric,” says Kay. “With light sweeping movements sweeping upwards from heels to shoulders your skin will feel revived instantly.” Alternatively you can use apply an exfoliating body scrub. Try Elemis’ new Intensely Cleansing Salt Scrub, a polishing treatment that relies on the power of salt to release toxins and leave a smooth canvas.

2. Moisturise

“After showering and using a scrub, always hydrate the skin by applying a light body lotion,” advises Kay. Why not try Elemis’ new British Botanical body cream, which is expertly blended with skin conditioning milk proteins and omega-rich Echium oil, to deeply hydrate and nourish.

3. Mirror, mirror

When you’re ready to apply, try standing between two full-length mirrors so that you can see exactly what you are doing. This is particularly useful when you’re doing your back.

4. Ready? Action!

“Always wear gloves when applying fake tan,” says Kay. Start at the bottom and work your way up, this way the toes will get the brunt of mishaps, while the calves will benefit from increased confidence. Use long, smooth strokes on arms and legs, trying not to break the flow. Keep a tissue to hand to mop up any drips before they sink in.

5. A handy tip

“Wash hands thoroughly when finished and remember that less is more,” says Kay. “You can always re-apply to achieve your desired look if you don’t get it right first time.” 

Three of the best

1. St Tropez Self Tan Untinted Classic Mousse (£26): develops over four to eight hours for a natural, healthy looking tan.

2. Decléor Aroma Confort Gradual Glow Hydrating Body Milk (£31.50): tinted moisturiser that gradually tans while nourishing skin.

3. bareMinerals Faux Tan (£20): pump dispenser cream containing a mineral copper complex to slowly tint skin, while aloe vera provides extra hydration.

Get ready for summer with a day of relaxation at Aqua Sana.

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