Mindful over matter

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You’ve probably heard about if everywhere, from the weekend newspaper supplements to Radio 4 segments, and now here. But why is everyone going mad for mindfulness?

In a nutshell, it’s the practice of presence in the moment. It’s about changing the way you think and focusing on a mind-body connection. It can increase your ability to handle stress and make difficult decisions.

An example of mindfulness practice would be to zero in on your morning commute. One day a week, instead of listening to music during your journey to work, try to focus as much as possible on your sensory experiences: what are you feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling? What’s your mood really like? Does your body feel tired, do you have any aches? If you’re driving, what does the steering wheel feel like in your hands? It’s so easy to zone out these days, and mindfulness is all about zoning back in.

While you can begin your journey with mindfulness anywhere, from your commute to your morning shower, there are few places better suited to it than a spa. At Aqua Sana, you can practice your technique in one of our many experience rooms of which you'll find saunas, steam rooms, ice caves and relaxation rooms.

One of our favourite places to zero in on our sensations and practice mindfulness is stretched out on a water bed, which eases the pressure on your joints, allows tension to leave your body and relieves any everyday aches and pains you’re carrying around.

If you think you could do with a little more mindfulness in your life, why not book a Spa Day at Aqua Sana to escape into the tranquillity of the forest?

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Have you booked a break at Center Parcs? You can add a spa session or treatment to your break here.
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