Beauty trends for autumn and winter 2019

Cica balms, sound baths and scalp scrubs are among this season’s health and beauty trends.

Soothing Saviour

Sensitive skin? You may want to seek out a cica balm such as the Decléor Cica Botanic Balm. It contains hero ingredient centella asiatica – also known as pennywort or tiger grass – which has been used in ancient Asian medicine for centuries. This natural extract has been known to help calm irritated skin and assist with improved circulation and faster healing.

Marine magic

If you’re looking for a day cream that gets results, Aqua Sana Group Spa Manager Kay Pennington recommends the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30 from Elemis: “This hero product will transform your complexion. It contains the marine extract padina pavonica, which protects skin from the sun’s harmful rays and targets fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking soft, smooth and rejuvenated!”

Go with the gradient

Can’t decide on a nail shade? For the latest look, you don’t have to – it’s all about displaying a range of colours, with a different shade on each nail. You could pack a punch with crayon brights, or go all-out chic with subtle variations on the same tone. The aim is to express yourself, so have fun with it!

Magic mineral

Magnesium is one of the most important substances in our bodies – it’s needed to carry out around 300 of the body’s essential functions. This humble mineral helps protect bones, improve sleep and balance mood. One of the best dietary sources of magnesium is pumpkin seeds, but it’s also found in nuts, avocado, leafy vegetables such as spinach and – best of all – dark chocolate!

The eyes have it

On the catwalks, strong eyebrows continue to reign supreme, but natural doesn’t have to mean wild. Find the right shape for you and give your brows some TLC with the Express or Full Service Brow treatments from Mii, available at Aqua Sana.

Good vibrations

The phrase ‘sound bath’ may conjure images of relaxing in a bubble bath with your favourite chill out playlist in the background, but in fact there’s no water involved at all for this increasingly popular wellness trend. Instead, a sound bath involves a meditation session, often in a group, with an instructor playing ambient sound to help encourage deep relaxation.

Scalp SOS

Hair feeling lacklustre and overloaded with products? Try a scalp scrub – these exfoliating formulas help to remove dead skin cells, tackle product build-up and stimulate circulation, which boosts hair growth and shine. It’s easy to make your own natural scalp scrubs – try sea salt, lemon juice and olive oil for a simple yet effective combination.

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